Heston Blumenthal – Married but dating

The Blumenthals appeared to have all the key ingredients for the perfect marriage.

They met when they were young and built a successful business together.

She described him as her soul mate and he described her as the reason for his success

But after 20 years of marriage, Heston Blumenthal has left his wife and is now reported to be dating Suzanne Pirret, an American cookery book author, who says her favourite things are “food and sex”.

The chef, who has three Michelin stars, has three teenage children with Zanna, and had previously paid tribute to for the sacrifices she made while he worked on building his multi-million pound restaurant business.

source/full story: telegraph.co.uk/news/celebritynews/8699940/Heston-Blumenthal-has-split-from-his-wife-of-20-years.html