Why Do Married Women Cheat On Their Husbands

why do women cheat on their husband?

Marriage is supposed to complete us, and many women love the institution of marriage and the comfort that it gives, as well as the financial support that it provides. Most of all, you would think that marriage is something worthwhile that most women would fight for to make sure that they are good wives to their husbands. When women cheat, society is left wondering and disappointed, because even though it happens quite a bit, it is not something that should be condoned. The men who experience a woman that they love cheating on them know the pain that an affair can do to a marriage, but the question remains, why do married women cheat?
Here are some reasons why a married woman can take her eyes off her husband and start looking around:
Feeling of being unloved and abandonment – Women love attention from their men, and sometimes after years of marriage the husbands can tune out as the marriage becomes boring and routine. If a woman feels that her husband is not giving her the attention she needs, she can look to other men who are giving her the attention that she desires.
Financial security – One of the main things that most women need is a loving man who can take care of them financially. If a husband is unable to provide financially for the wife and family, it can create a lot of arguments in the home, and this can cause a lot of conflict. If she is not making the money that she needs to make, and the husband is not giving her the allowance that she feels she should have to be able to pamper herself and go shopping, she may look at other men who are able to give her what she wants.
Sex – Sex is a huge part in a marriage, and most men tend to be selfish when it comes to it. If a husband is only satisfying himself during sex or if he is unable to satisfy her, then this can be a big problem in a marriage. A wife should be satisfied by her husband and if he cannot make her sexually fulfilled, she is going to feel sexually frustrated and might look at other men to satisfy her needs. The problem with these kind of relationships is that they have the potential to get emotional.
There are definitely other reasons why women would shift their focus from their husbands and allow other men to be in their lives.
Though these may be valid reasons for a woman cheating, all these reasons could be avoided if husbands were paying more attention to what their women are looking for. Women have needs, and these needs should be met. The reality is that if a husband is not meeting their wife’s needs, another man will. That is the harsh reality of life.