Little Gestures for Wild Nights

Spicing up your marriage may be one of the hardest things to achieve.  You know this person intimately but there is nothing new that is coming to mind.  The sex is good but its not great and it certainly is not wild but having a wild night once in a while, may be just what you need to spice it up.  So what do you do?  You aren’t into dressing up in costumes so what is something inconspicuous that can turn your dull bed into a rock star’s?  Little sexual gestures.

What is LSG?

Little sexual gestures or LSG are sexual elements that can turn your partner on like kissing in different areas of the body, talking sensually, making noises, caressing and massages, biting and other similar gestures.  You do not have to perform all of them at once because this may be a little too much, so perfect one at a time and you will notice how much more increasingly hotter your love life becomes.

How Do You Perform LSGs?

Obviously, when you hear biting in bed it doesn’t mean Mike Tyson biting or Twilight biting, just sweet and sensual nibbling.  This is the same for all LSGs.  You do not want to scream so intensely that your neighbors think that there is something horrible happening to you in your home.  Think small, simple and sensual.  Let your mind have a break and let your five senses take control.  They will lead you in the right direction.

What’s the Trick?

The biggest trick to making regular sex hot and wild is letting your passion loose.  Making love is not an obligation, it is a desire, a need.  Not only can you fulfill your partner’s need for excitement but you can fulfill your own.  By incorporating new techniques into your routine, your partner will become inspired and let loose as well.  As soon as you feel completely comfortable touching areas that you would not normally touch with not only just your hands, you will see that you can create a more sensual and passionate night without too much effort.

Foreplay and talking dirty is a great way to get into the mood, but these little sexual gestures will keep the excitement flowing all throughout the night.  Lead through these acts with raw emotion and desire.  Leave your thoughts behind and have fun.  Making love is to be enjoyed by you and your partner.  In the end, you cannot do anything wrong but you can make your love life much more exciting by putting a little effort into it.

Top 10 sex tips for Valentine’s Day

Make Valentine’s Day the spiciest day of February with hot tips to add excitement to your love life. If you want to do something different and have something fun and sexy to look forward to, here are 10 sultry tips to try on Valentine’s Day.

naked passion

1. Begin the day by sending your partner a sexy text message. Kinky messages in the morning are enough to wake up anyone. When sending messages be comfortable in your element. Consider something that will have them thinking about you all day.

sexy couple

2. Get your partner’s attention by touching them somewhere different. You can run your fingers down their back or their chest. Maybe run your finger lightly downward past their belly button. Sensitive areas such as the base of the spine can leave a tingle they will want more of.

pretty blonde

3. Get dolled up but keep it simple. You can dress up a little or consider wearing something special just before you go to bed. You can also get crazy and wear something like a wet t-shirt or just accessories.

Loving nude couple engaging in sexual games

4. Take a bath or shower together. Some couples can be tired after a long day. You can get relaxed together in the water to start things off and get into a spicy mood. Consider bath oils, lighted candles or a great smelling shower gel.


5. Kiss sensitive spots on their body such as their neck. The neck alone can be a sweet spot for either a man or a woman depending on how you kiss it. Change your tempo and pressure. You can even whisper something into their ear.

Multi-ethnic couple in passionate embrace and undressing

6. Have an alter ego to help you get into the mood. Some may use a prop such as a wig. It can change the way you look and bring out the sexy side of you. In other words’ consider role playing.

beautiful young naked girl with red juicy strawberry in her hand

7. Have some fun in the kitchen. There are certain foods that are aphrodisiacs in encouraging love making. You can cook a meal together but center your meal on foods that will make it easier for both of you to get into bed.

Young sexy couple hug over white background

8. Be on top when you have sex. Men enjoy it when their girl is on top. You can wear a revealing top or lift up your top when in the groove. Eye contact will encourage both of you to have invigorating organisms.

Lachende Frau mit Finger im Mund und Mann dahinter

9. Get professional pictures done with a sultry flare. You can have a few seductive shots of yourself to give your partner. You can even consider doing a shoot together. If you decide to go on your own as a surprise hide the photos in a place your partner will find them.

Young multi-racial couple. Young lovers who are sexual

10. Go shopping for lingerie together. Be serious about it if you both want to have a sensual sultry night to remember. Choose places you both will feel comfortable walking into and browsing. You may even have fun trying on a few pieces for your partner. If you don’t try on anything that’s okay your partner can use their imagination and visualize you in it.