Mike Tyson Talks of an Alleged Affair Brad Pitt Had with his Wife

Mike Tyson Picture

Mike Tyson Picture

In the world of celebrity gossip when a married spouse cheats on their partner it makes for interesting and juicy conversation. And while there have been a handful of cheating scandals that were made public in the past, even during current times they continue to flurry a host of questions and increase curiosity of the general public.
Mike Tyson recently claimed while he was married to Robin Givens he supposedly caught her in bed with Brad Pitt. Mike claims the incident happened when he and his wife were filing divorce back in the 1980’s.
Many wonder if whether or not this actually happened since so many news outlets have just started reporting on this. Plus, at the time during the divorce, with Mike’s reputation as a professional boxer, you didn’t want to be the one claiming you were messing around with his woman or anything that is his for that matter.

Mike claims when he saw his wife under the sheers with Brad he was “mad as hell.” He claims he felt as if he was in a love triangle, which may have been the case. The reason Mike mentioned the love triangle is because he admitted that he was still sleeping with Robin while they were ending their marriage. Tyson says he would have sex with Givens often before visiting his attorney’s office. Once he got to the office he would tell his attorney she’s a pig and a thief. One the other end, the marriage was short lived lasting only a few months. Many were under the impression that Givens only married Tyson for his money.

Celebrity couples associated with cheating scandals often have interesting twists if they don’t seem out of the ordinary. Cheating scandals often leave lasting impressions on the general public and the media loves dishing out details while twisting one’s thoughts or words. Several cheating scandals have made their mark in history including Dominique Strauss-Kahn and accusations he faced regarding sexual assault against another woman who was a hotel maid. His wife Anne Sinclair claims she stands by him but there have been many claims of Dominique being a womanizer with his wife turning the other cheek toward these as well.

Another cheating scandal that many will not forget includes Former President Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky during the mid-1990s. Monica was a White House intern and college graduate at the time the alleged affair occurred. It was mentioned that Monica began a personal relationship with Clinton and spiraled into sexual allegations. Even though Clinton denied sexual relations with Lewinsky there was evidence of a blue dress having semen on it with the semen belonging to Clinton. While claims of perjury and impeachment followed, it seemed as if Clinton got away with cheating on his wife.

Cheating scandals with celebrities seem to have similar details while being different from one another. Women seem to have a liking for men who are in control and have lots of money. While Tyson admitted he had other issues going on during and after the divorce, including a drug addition, he now feels he is in a better place with his current wife, who is his third. Some wonder if he would have done something to Brad if he had the chance.

Dating a Married Man or Woman – Can the relationship be successful?

Successful Relationship with a married woman or man

Wife's lover hiding in cupboard
Is it possible to have a successful relationship with someone who is married?
Statistics reveal that extra marital relationships, married dating and infidelity are incredibly commonplace. This might not surprise some of you but it is actually a trend that has been steadily increasing over the last few decades. The reasons behind it appear many and varied – from changes in societal structure to changes in the ways we treat relationships. With these things in mind we decided to take a look at the issues around dating, or having a more extensive relationship, with someone who is already married.
The key word in our title is “successful” and when it comes to married dating this really forms the crux of the issue. Having a relationship with someone who is married may entail a number of scenarios each of which will have a different impact on the success of the relationship. The married person may be in a loveless marriage, they may be tied to their partner on the basis of family and children but nothing else, they may still be in love with their spouse but be looking for something new and more exciting, their partner may be sexual inactive or unable to enjoy sex for medical or psychological reason or they may have an open relationship. These and other reasons have a great impact on the potential success of a relationship with someone who is married as they can determine the possible future of the relationship and the expectations the married person will have.
In order to judge the potential successes you then need to ask yourself what you personally are looking for from the relationship. If you are looking for a casual fling then you might be better off finding a non-married partner as you may have unforeseen impacts on a marriage. If you are looking for a more long term commitment then you need to ask yourself why this person is still with their spouse and whether they are likely, willing or able to leave their partner for you. If you are the married person in the relationship then you need to ask yourself whether you are in a position where you can discuss your desires and needs with your spouse and see if something can be worked out. If you find yourself in a position where you are likely to cause extensive harm to an existing relationship then you are likely to not have a successful relationship yourself. So make sure you understand what you want from the relationship and what your partner wants from it.
With these judgements made you also need to examine the potential successes of the relationship from a more practical standpoint. The practicalities of conducting an affair, or simply open married dating, means that you are likely to be in a relationship where you aren’t the sole object of your partner’s affections or they have to balance their time between you and their other partner. This can put a lot of strain on a relationship and can lead to jealousy and intimacy problems.
Dating someone who is married can be acceptable and it can be unacceptable. As always circumstances dictate what the best course of action is and you should make yourself sure of everything before you commence a relationship.