10 Days of Hot Sex

Back on the usual subject or maybe even the only topic worthy of publishing, so here we go with – 10 Days of Hot Sex…
So let’s waste no time and tell you what is the best menu for ten days of hot sex…

• Sex Outdoors – Yes have a shag in the car – in the park – in the woods – in the street – be daring but do not get caught as if you do the Police may charge you with a public disorder or similar offence.

• Lap Dance Sex – Be mindful that you can do lap dance sex with or without clothes on.

• Striptease – Applicable for all male and females so remember to keep those private parts all clean – aired and fresh as a daisy.

• Sexting – Any time of the day or night and make it suggestive provocative and downright sexually appealing.

• Bathroom Sex – This is real simple have a f**k in the bathroom, surely you need no more on this one…

• Kitchen Sex – Playing special attention to table edge sex where the guy lays the lady over the kitchen table lifts up her posterior and slips under a loaf of bread pillow which when the girl goes into recline pose up perks her fanny. Say no more guys time to go down to the Y and lick out that sloppy pussy.

• Vegetable Sex – This is the time when the guy has to back off, as the following vegetables take center stage – Cucumber – Carrot – Leek – Zucchini – Courgette and more

• Fruit Sex – No holds barred so many fruits are great for sex like – Banana – Strawberries – Melons and any other fruit that takes your fancy. Our favorite is a shaved fanny with fresh strawberries topped off with whipped cream – then the guy simply gets slurping and licking and let me tell you the tastes are delicious and the more you lick the more orgasmic the fanny becomes in fact the pussy often finishes off with a grand finale of queefing and squirting.

• Hand Sex – Being available for thousands of years going right back to Adam and Eve and if you don’t know how it is done God help you, you must be asexual.

• Simulated Sex – Oh come on folks you are not going to pull that one off. Hot sex is all about real life sex, nothing more nothing less.

Remember folks hot sex is all about variety and the dirtier the sex, the better the sex, remember guys for most girls – No Orgasm means failed sex. So guys get busy be imaginative and creative and make that fanny squirt and queef, anything less and most women will view you as a wanker! We know guys that hot sex is an erect job but the reality is that you have face up to the Y and to stand up to these vaginal facts.

10 Days of Hot Sex…

UK Virgin Emma Richards has a Hole of a Time Testing Sex Toys

Yes you did read the rubric correctly – UK Virgin Emma Richards has a Hole of a Time Testing Sex Toys! 20 year old Emma is still a virgin regardless of the fact that she is a tester for sex toys! Umm good now we have your attention. Now let’s get down to details if Emma is still a virgin and we have to respect what she says! So how on earth does she test sex toys does she use her mouth as an oral tester or dare we say it she puts the sex toys into backdoor entry my goodness I cannot believe that because some of those black dildos and vibrators are huge – Ouch!

So what is the reality of the testing because Emma Richards says that since she started testing the sex toys she has had over 150 orgasms.

Here are some of the official comments from Emma Richards – quote –

• “No one loves me romantically so I fulfill that role myself — so to speak.”
• “Now I can’t get enough of them. I would rather stay a virgin and use my sex toys than sleep with someone who wasn’t special.”
• “The first time I didn’t know what to expect. My legs were shaking like Bambi.”
• She seems to be addicted to sex toys as she says that even if she finds a boyfriend she will continue testing sex toys

Her remunerations are she gets no money for the testing the sex toys, but she gets free orgasms and the sex gadgets she is given are hers for keeps…

So what comes next for this young orgasmic girl who is now wholly in the media spotlight basking in her personal fifteen minutes of fame and my god it could be not any more sensitive than Orgasms – Sex Toys and Virginity! So it will be interesting to see how the trashy UK tabloid press spin this story to get some new readers who are are interested in large active virginal pudendas! One thing for sure they will not fanny around with the headlines they will tell it how it is!

UK Virgin Emma Richards has a Hole of a Time Testing Sex Toys…

Rumor has it that some action images may have been leaked on the Internet of Emma Richards testing the sex toys. How do we know that? Well we do not, this is barroom banter because one guy said her fanny was bigger than a train tunnel! OMG stop that is very large… This query might be borderline rude but even though Emma Richards is still a virgin, we imagine she must have the biggest sloppiest fanny of any virgin in the world…