UK Virgin Emma Richards has a Hole of a Time Testing Sex Toys

Yes you did read the rubric correctly – UK Virgin Emma Richards has a Hole of a Time Testing Sex Toys! 20 year old Emma is still a virgin regardless of the fact that she is a tester for sex toys! Umm good now we have your attention. Now let’s get down to details if Emma is still a virgin and we have to respect what she says! So how on earth does she test sex toys does she use her mouth as an oral tester or dare we say it she puts the sex toys into backdoor entry my goodness I cannot believe that because some of those black dildos and vibrators are huge – Ouch!

So what is the reality of the testing because Emma Richards says that since she started testing the sex toys she has had over 150 orgasms.

Here are some of the official comments from Emma Richards – quote –

• “No one loves me romantically so I fulfill that role myself — so to speak.”
• “Now I can’t get enough of them. I would rather stay a virgin and use my sex toys than sleep with someone who wasn’t special.”
• “The first time I didn’t know what to expect. My legs were shaking like Bambi.”
• She seems to be addicted to sex toys as she says that even if she finds a boyfriend she will continue testing sex toys

Her remunerations are she gets no money for the testing the sex toys, but she gets free orgasms and the sex gadgets she is given are hers for keeps…

So what comes next for this young orgasmic girl who is now wholly in the media spotlight basking in her personal fifteen minutes of fame and my god it could be not any more sensitive than Orgasms – Sex Toys and Virginity! So it will be interesting to see how the trashy UK tabloid press spin this story to get some new readers who are are interested in large active virginal pudendas! One thing for sure they will not fanny around with the headlines they will tell it how it is!

UK Virgin Emma Richards has a Hole of a Time Testing Sex Toys…

Rumor has it that some action images may have been leaked on the Internet of Emma Richards testing the sex toys. How do we know that? Well we do not, this is barroom banter because one guy said her fanny was bigger than a train tunnel! OMG stop that is very large… This query might be borderline rude but even though Emma Richards is still a virgin, we imagine she must have the biggest sloppiest fanny of any virgin in the world…

Noemi Letizia’s Birthday Party Leads to Silvio Berlusconi’s £30 million a year divorce

What is the cost of adultery to Silvio Berlusconi? Just £30 million a year

It has just been reported in the press that former Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi who is not just famous for leading Italy for many years but for his bunga bunga party amongst other things has just agreed divorce settlement with his ex-wife Noemi Letizia. She married Ms Letizia in 1990 and have three children with her.

In the settlement which was filed on Christmas day, Mr Berlusconi will keep the couple’s $100 million home which they lived with their three children. Mr Berlusconi is said to be worth about $6 billion. Ms Lario, 56, an actress is said to have meet Mr Berlusconi at a theatre in Milan where she was performing in 1980, they became and item and got married in 1990. Mr Berlusconi who has two children from his previous marriage did not waste much time after divorce from ex wife, he is currently engaged to 28-year-old Francesca Pascale .

Mr Berlusconi is dogged by several scandals and legal actions. Some of the sexual scandals that follows him about includes the one which led his Ms Letizia to divorce him: he was said to have given Noemi Letizia a neclace on her 18th birthday. He is also standing trial on charges of paying to have sex with an underage girl in 2010. The under age girl was 17 year old Karima El-Mahroug, alias Ruby Rubacuori (heart-stealer), a Moroccan nightclub dancer. He is also charged with abusing his powers to get Ms Mahroug released from police custody after she was arrested for shoplifting.